DANCE report 2013


I sit here in rainy Copenhagen thinking about my summer i New York City. I miss it truly.

I've been to New York before, so I kind of felt like I knew all about it. The City proved me wrong.

Seeing the School of american ballet was an experience in itself. They kind of didn't know who we were when we arrived, but once they heard where we were from, they welcomed us with open arms.

I'd heard of all the teachers before so meeting them was really interesting. They are all such personalities. I felt really humble and lucky to be taught by such great dancers and teachers. Extremely inspiring, and exactly what I was hoping for. The students at the program were all a few years younger than us and there were many in each class and all american. What caught my eye here was each and everyones determination. Each and everyone of them all really worked hard and focused, there was a different vibe in the room, also coming from the teachers. This was interesting to be a part of. Not saying I'm not used to a hard working environment, but this kind of competition really changed the mood of the classes, for the better.

The style was so great to feel on the body. Really difficult and amazing to learn. Some things off course don't fit the style in Denmark, but I believe great dancers are diverse.

This was where I could really feel myself developing and learning.

I went to a couple of classes at Steps to see some of both ABT and NYCB's dancers in class. this was great!

What I loved the most about the classes (I took Wilhelm Burman and David Howard's classes) were the freedom I felt there. Many different types of people both professional and amateurs take class there everyday. What I found so great was all the small qualities in the different styles and bodies. Often things people don't do on purpose but what makes your dancing personal. This motivated me to test and explore my own style and movement.

Time passed quickly, we were having so much fun! A lot of friends from Denmark happened to be in New York, but the best thing was seeing old American friends.

Off course meeting new friends were an absolute highlight.

As the last week approached I really felt sad. Going home was not something I was looking forward to, even though I was missing home.

As I mentioned, I've been in New York before, but as a tourist. There is a great difference.

Living there for a whole month must be what left the biggest mark on me.

I felt so welcome and accepted. I felt free and alive. What is so special for me is how the city made me want to work harder and set higher coals for myself. An incredible amount of hope and determination, just as I felt from the students.

I somehow felt the city expected a lot from me, maybe it made my own expectations to myself clearer. I owe something to the City, and myself now.

This is worth so much and I will not allow myself to forget this. I don't think I could if I wanted to.

A summer I will always remember and think of as a great experience, it really puts a smile on my face.

This makes me so humble. I would like to thank you for granting me this scholarship.

Giving me this experience, it is worth so much.

I would like to thank you furthermore for allowing us to live in an apartment of our own choice and dealing with Anita page. We realize you did more than what you were supposed to. Thank you very much.

With respect and admiration,

Viktoria Falck­Schmidt